The Main Types of Auto Insurance Policies

People sign up for car insurance policies to protect themselves, their vehicles and any third parties in an accident. Everyone knows that a motor vehicle is not necessarily cheap, and the cost of repairs or replacement for one could be devastating. Nowadays it is just reckless to drive without car insurance.

The first kind of car insurance you are able to take out is fully comprehensive. This covers every aspect of your car, and most incidents in a collision. This kind of cover will protect your vehicle and will also pay for repairs to any other car involved in the accident if you were at fault for the collision. The fully comprehensive insurance policy is normally the more expensive policy of the lot, but it is the only kind that covers against a myriad of damages, theft and accidents.

Third party coverage is usually the most affordable kind, and will only cover the cost of repairs to a third party if you have an accident and it was your fault. This is normally the best option if you have an older vehicle, and the expense of fully insuring it would not be viable with regards to the amount you pay for the premium monthly, and how much it would actually cost to repair it. Third party coverage can be standard, with only coverage to any other vehicle you hit in an accident, or you can aquire third party coverage that has fire and theft added onto it. Naturally, this will be a bit more costly than the regular third party coverage, but the extra amount will be worth it.

Specialized car insurance is designed for vehicles that are over the age of 25 years. These vehicles will need special cover as they will usually be more expensive to repair, seeing as most of the parts will be customized due to them not being available on the market anymore. Specialized car insurance is usually very costly due to the fact that a classic car will cost more to repair, and can also be costly to replace.

There are many different types of car insurance coverage, but it is up to you the extent of the cover you want for your motor vehicle. Speaking to your insurance house will help clarify all the different types of cover available to you. You need to know how much you can afford, and what you feel is imperative cover to have. If you live in a dangerous area, where your car is more at risk of being stolen or broken into, then you will need the theft coverage. If you live in an area that is more prone to natural disasters, then you will want to insure against effects of Mother Nature. If you do not drive as much as other people, and feel it would be unfair for you to pay the same rates as them, then you could consider pay as you drive insurance.

Regardless of what insurance you need, the best thing to do initially is to compile as many quotes as possible, so that you can make a comparative choice. Then you need to ask questions and find out whether you will be getting the cover you require from the insurance company you have chosen.

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