Cars – How to Keep Them in Good Condition

Cars are everywhere. We bring our children to school with the use of a car. We ride in a taxi when we go for shopping or we use our own car. Everyday our car travels great distances and that is why some of them display problems. Here are three of the most common car problems, their causes and advice on how to fix them.

Noisy or Squeaky Brakes – Have you ever been in a situation wherein you stepped on your car’s brakes and it produced a very loud and sharp noise? If so, then you are not alone. Many car owners and drivers are having the same problem. One of the most common reasons for the squealing sound of your brake is because of a dirty pad. But there are also times that the cause of the noise is much deeper. It could either be caused by the vibration between the calipers and the mounts, the pads and calipers or the pads and the rotors, if not given attention this could result in a greater problem. Once you hear a squealing when you step on your brakes have your car checked immediately by a car shop.

Engine knock – It is the term that drivers and mechanics commonly use to describe two kinds of weird sound on the gasoline engines – the strong knock and the weak knock. The strong knocks are the dangerous ones because they may cause huge and permanent damage to your car, while the weak knock is not much of a problem. In fact, weak knocks MAY an even increase flame speed which is good for the engine.

Strong knock occurs when fuel ignites in an irregular and premature way, causing erratic pressure in the combustion chamber. This may damage the piston.

Using the right octane fuel for your engine is very important in preventing knocks. Have your car warm up first before going for a drive, and do not push the engine too hard while the engine is still cold. Knocks are also caused because of the engine’s design and will develop overtime.

Alignment – Have you ever tried driving in a straight road and you noticed that you are slowly moving to the left or right? This problem is very common and you should not panic. The problem is on the alignment. This can easily be fixed by taking your vehicle to a shop for realignment.

Keeping our car in a good condition is very important. Our car is like our body, when one part of our body is in a bad shape and no action is taken then our whole body is affected.

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