Auto Insurance 101

Everyone should have auto insurance for their personal or commercial vehicles. Auto Insurance will protect you against financial loss if you have an car accident. Without insurance, a person would have the full cost of an accident to cover out of their own pocket. Insurance also protects you if an uninsured driver hits your car or if your car is damaged by other things, such as vandalism. Having car insurance will help you feel confident that whatever happens to you while you are on the road driving, you know that you are financially protected.

Insurance rates are based on many things, some of which are totally out of your control as the consumer. Accidents & traffic tickets can cause your insurance rates to go up and even your personal Credit Score factors into insurance rates these days. Auto Insurance, which is also known as car & vehicle insurance, is extremely important for any vehicle owner to have.

Your individual & commercial vehicle insurance plans can vary as much as their companies. There are lots of things to weigh when you are choosing what policy is right for you. Auto insurance companies are there to help you sort through the car damage and remove some of the headaches and worries for you. Auto accidents aren’t something that we like to think about, but thinking ahead will help you and your auto rates in the long run.

Rates vary from day to day and you may receive a different quote on any given month. Rates might not be initially cheap, but with a little guidance, you can ensure you receive quality auto insurance rates at an affordable price.

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By Steven Hollingsworth – Principal Member, Capital Insurance & Financial Services, LLC

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