4 Cancer Factors You Need to Be Aware Of

Cancer rates are on an increasing trajectory in the last few decades. There are many factors
that are contributing to its spread, like increased lifespan, lifestyle, etc. It’s not only the
older population but the younger ones too are being diagnosed with different types of
cancer these days. There are many factors that can cause cancer and most of us are aware
of common causes like tobacco chewing, smoking, etc. Here are 4 factors that not many are
aware of,
1. Obesity
Obesity is the root cause of nearly one-third of all cancers prevailing these days, which
is almost equivalent to cancers caused by tobacco. Surprised? Well, it’s scary but it is
true. If a person is obese, he or she is at an increased risk of breast, colon, prostate and
uterine cancers. One must thus try to have a healthy weight by following an exercise
regime and balanced food.
2. Processed Food
To maintain the homeostasis, the body requires certain raw materials that come
from fresh and healthy food that you consume. The increased consumption of
processed food, going on fat-free diets and the introduction of genetically modified
foods have all disturbed the concept of balanced diet.
3. Vegetable Oils
In the latter half of the twentieth century, vegetable oils were propagated as
healthy oils and replaced the healthy saturated fats. These vegetable oils are
polyunsaturated fats and have done more harm in damaging the body. Even if you
try replacing them with healthy oils at home you will still consume them in
restaurants and in processed foods.
4. Disrupted Sleep Patterns
It’s hard to believe that the disruption of circadian rhythms (sleep patterns) could be
a cause of breast cancer in women. But, this is a fact. The underlying cause related to
it might be the change in the immune system, increased exposure to hormonal
alteration, etc.
These are the 4 Cancer Factors that many aren’t aware of, but to be on the safer side it’s
always wiser to know them.


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